The Baikalo-Amur. Terminals and Stations

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Station Severobajkal'sk.
In architecture of station The symbolics of an accumulating wave is incorporated in architecture of the station.
in front of the station there is a monument to builders from Leningrad, which constructed this city.

Angoya station.

Noviy Uoyan station.

Platform Churo.

Kuhelberkskaya station.

Halt Angarkan.
Severo-Muiskiy detour starts here.

Halt Osipnoi

Halt Pereval.
Is located very near to Severo-Muiskiy ridge. It is the highest passing-track in BAM.

Kazankhan station. Severo-Muiskiy detour comes to the end here.

Kuanda station.
The monument on the right is placed in honor of "The Dolden Link" - the last link, which connected 2 parts of BAM in the entire road.

Halt Kodar.
Is located near the Kodar ridge.

Novaya Chara station.
Teams of train operators are usually changed here.

Ikabya station.

Kuvitka station.

Station Tinda.
The largest station on BAM. The railriad, which connects BAM with Transsib goes from here to the south.

Station Fevralsk.
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Halt Amgan.
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Station Noviy Urgal.
The railroad to station Izvestkovaya of Transsiberian Railway starts here.
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