The Baikalo-Amur. Road and nature in photoes

The Baikal-Amur Railroad has stretched more than on 3500 kilometers from the west to the east on mountain district. It includes more than 3000 bridges, tunnels, galleries and other constructions. The severe mountain climate and a wild unusual nature surround road along its whole length.

Severo-Muiskiy ridge is one of the most difficult part of the road. Severomuiskiy tonnel is now constructing for transition under the ridge. But nowadays trains go along temporary detour which all consists of numerous abrupt streamers and high viaducts, including well-known Chertov bridge.

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The beginning of Severo-Muiskiy detour. You can see the new way to Severo-Muiskiy tonnel on the left. The construction of the tunnel has already finished, and this way becomes will become the basic after its opening in the nearest future.

The way gradually rises on pass. The embankment of old Severo-Muiskiy detour with the taken off rails is visible on the left of the photoes.

Such galleries above road are constructed in all places, where there is a danger of rockfalls. The embankment and columns of a contact network of a roundabout way on which trains went before construction of gallery can be seen on the right.

Chertov bridge.
It is said, that train operators usually christen before entering this bridge since it very high and two-storey and is located in abrupt turn on a gradient.

Contrast between two hillsides is surprising. One is covered with a rich wood, and the other only with ice and naked stones. Obviously, it is because the slope at the left is inverted to the south is heated by the sun better.

The road from train operators view. The difficulty of job in a severe Siberian climate are partly compensated by extremely beautiful natural landscapes behind a windshield. These pictures were taken between platforms Osipnoi and Pereval, Pereval and Goryachiy Klutch.

It is not the Himalayas on Nikolai Rerih's picture. It is a pass threw Severo-Moiskiy ridge.

This is the end of Severo-Muiskiy detour. The easten portal of Severo-Muiskiy tonnel can be seen on the left part of the picture.

The esten slope of Severo-Moiskiy ridge. The way on the right is used for returning of electric locomotives, which assist to conduct cargo trains on a steep slope. Look at the top of mountain. Here you can see the gallery, which is used again landslips. Trains will go there very soon.

The train Tinda-Moscow is approaching to Severo-Muiskiy ridge.

The electrification comes to an end after station Taksimo, and trains follow on diesel draft further.