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Gypsum cast fo sculpture "Baikal and Angara" and its constructor Viktoria Pelshe.
Hangar, where the model of the sculpture is located now.
Look at the other photoes of this sculpture.
In industrial complex "MASKLA" in Riga it lives last days a monument " BAIKAL AND the HANGAR ". It is the product of a famous all over the world sculptor Viktorya Pelshe. .

Victoria Pelshe's sculptural works are exposed in Tretyakovskaya State Gallery, German, France museums, decorate parks in Riga, Moscow TV centre, Riga port. Unfortunately, the last and best work is doomed for destruction.

The customer of "Baikal and Angara" monument was Baikal and Amur Railway direction. It was planned that this monument would be located on the main squaire of Severobaikalsk. Viktoria Pelshe created this monument for 7 years. But everybody forgot about it after Latvia and Russia became independent states.

What occurs now? The hangar specially constructed under a monument, is just about to collapse and its fragments will ruin the sculpture. It remains a little - up to the first snow. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to arrange simply that it does not happen. If we will manage to rescue from destruction the plaster model, its casting and installation in Siberia on BAM is possible in the future. Considerable funds are necessary for this purpose.

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